Translucia Metaverse Gaining Momentum With Global Collaboration

Translucia is showing no signs of slowing down as it continues to partner with global players to turn its metaverse from concept into reality.

Building a successful metaverse is challenging as it requires a large amount of investment and the buy-in of various ecosystem players.

Despite the challenges, Bangkok-based T&B Media Global is showing that it is committed to building Translucia, a metaverse project in which it is investing US$300 million.

Collaboration on a Global Scale

In September, Translucia added four world-leading partners—Sunovatech, Sygnum, Economics Design and Black Flame—to develop its metaverse ecosystem. With the four additions, Translucia now has six partners committed to the project.

According to Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global, collaborating with these world-leading partners will play a critical role in transforming Translucia into a virtual world worth over US$3 billion.

Sunovatech, based in New Delhi and specializing in 3D modeling and rendering design, will be responsible for helping to develop 3D assets and environments for visualizing Translucia by using its unique Unreal Engine technology development and specialists.

Switzerland-based Sygnum, which is also the world’s first digital asset bank, will help create Translucia’s financial structure. At the same time, Economics Design, based in Singapore, will be working closely with Sygnum to build Translucia’s economic infrastructure.

Chinese creative company Black Flame, which specializes in visual design and has worked on blockbuster animations such as Ne Zha and The Monkey King 2, will help create digital assets such as landscapes, avatars, architectures, environments and holistic concepts, and will also contribute to Translucia’s story creation.

Earlier this year, Translucia teamed up with Two Bulls, a creative technology development company, to launch the Metaverse Research and Development Center in Melbourne with an initial investment of US$100 million to research new technologies to bridge the real and virtual worlds.

Ahriyavraromp has been very pleased with the progress of Translucia, as the metaverse is able to attract the interest of many global players. “Much like the Internet, we knew that the metaverse can’t be built by one entity. We have always expected that we’d work with hundreds, if not thousands, of talented people around the world to help bring Translucia to fruition. We just didn’t anticipate how many super talented and passionate people we’d find so quickly!

“The partners joining us believe that we are all able to make a difference by working towards reducing inequality and Translucia promises to be a magnifier of the good we hope to share with the world.”

Integration is Key to Success

Like most technologies, such as cloud computing and mobile telecommunications, integration plays an important role in the success of a technology.

Understanding that there are other metaverses being developed by other players globally, Ahriyavraromp explains that the partners will also be working towards enabling Translucia to “perfectly integrate with other metaverses.”

He says Translucia aims to develop an ‘infinite universe’ capable of interconnectivity with other metaverses leveraging Web 3.0 capabilities. He further adds that the Translucia metaverse will have shared infrastructure, utilities, technologies, hardware and software.

“Integration is key and it’s also the core function of Internet technology. If metaverses don’t integrate, it will greatly hinder adoption of the metaverse technology because the user experience would not be seamless,” he points out.

“For instance, a reader is enjoying this article on their most favorite news website. Once done, if they have to disconnect from the Internet and log into a different Internet to enjoy another article on a different news site, that would be a horrible experience, and no one would want to do that. Likewise, the experience would be the same if metaverses didn’t integrate.”

Building the Right Purpose

While technology and integration play important roles in the success of a metaverse, Ahriyavraromp says another key factor, which may be the most important factor of all, would be to ensure the metaverse serves a purpose for users and the community.

“Translucia is a metaverse designed to contribute to the economy and society by transforming the way we live and experience life. Unlike other metaverses, Translucia focuses on creating happiness, not only from external sources, but also internally from one’s mind and body.”

When it is completed, Translucia will comprise four key levels: Central Translucia, Pillars of Nature, Nature’s True Home and Beyond Boundless.

According to Ahriyavraromp, Central Translucia—also known as the Central Hub of Limitless Opportunities—is a place where you can pursue various interests, and where dreams can become real. The Pillars of Nature comprises various fascinating ecosystems, including flora and fauna, to be explored and discovered, while in Nature’s True Home, users have access to a “hidden realm of nature’s wonders and enchantments” that, Ahriyavraromp says, is “a special world where you can choose your destiny as nature’s guardian.”

As for Beyond Boundless, Ahriyavraromp describes it as “a place where the mind and soul will find rest and be lifted by those we love and trust.”

“At the very core of Translucia’s value proposition is an engine that will convert goodness into wellness, prosperity and, ultimately, happiness. In this sense, ‘goodness’ is defined as being good to others, to the world, and to yourself.”

More Partnerships Ahead

Translucia currently has many of its building blocks in place—from the synergies between the real and virtual worlds, the environment, to the financial infrastructure. However, Ahriyavraromp is confident that more elements can be included into the metaverse.

In fact, with the right technology in place—both hardware and software—the metaverse could be used to improve one’s health, financials, and mental wellbeing.

“Anything is possible in the world of metaverses,” Ahriyavraromp claims.

He says that by focusing on individual goodness, Translucia isn’t just a tech company as it is shifting focus from traditional P&L (Profit and Loss) to include each individual’s Purpose and Legacy.

He adds that the process of creating the Translucia metaverse platform has been an exciting journey and a rewarding one so far. “What has made this journey so rewarding is that we’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people who share the same vision and values as we do.

“We’re looking for IoT technologies and partners who have the AI and hardware to help bring this engine to life, translating actions in the real world into benefits in the virtual world and vice versa.” 

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