The Mark Of Mystique And Allure

In reviving the age-old tradition of bespoke solid perfumes, Henry Jacques has released Clic-Clac—infusing a timeless charm and authentic delight to modern living.
Henry Jacques’ Clic-Clac

Henry Jacques is a free-spirited creator that has constantly risen to the challenge of pushing haute parfumerie to the limits. This explains why the maison’s perfumes never fail to surprise, delight and innovate, year after year.

Nowhere is this legacy of a bespoke creator of olfactory dreams more evident than in Clic-Clac—the quintessential solid perfume—as interpreted and perfected by Henry Jacques.

Known since ancient times, solid perfume, similar in composition to balm, has been neglected over the centuries. This meant the joys and sense of well-being associated with its application were subsequently lost. Until now.

The desire to revive and celebrate the enchanting customs of the past was what inspired Henry Jacques CEO Anne-Lise Cremona and Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer to breathe new life into this lost art—a ritual that is simultaneously personal and intimate, yet social and bestowing.

“Our obsession was to create a fascinating object, resolutely masculine in its shape, material and mechanism, but hiding an intimate, more emotional side: the perfume,” Cremona says.

An Exceptional Case for an Amazing Perfume
Unlike more traditional perfume offerings, Henry Jacques had to overcome two distinct challenges in order to turn its concept for a solid perfume into reality. The first challenge was to ensure the essence and olfactory integrity of the maison’s 50 Classiques, a collection of 50 historic fragrances from its archive of over 3,000 scents, were preserved without compromise in solid form. The second challenge was to create a case worthy of the purpose and occasion.

Years of design, development and testing were needed before the optimal case was determined and agreed upon. With that, the Clic-Clac was born. In reviving the ancient ritual of solid perfumery, Henry Jacques succeeded not only in reintroducing a sense of allure and mystique so frequently missing in modern life, but also in creating an extraordinary artifact of precision and elegance.

A Treasure for All Seasons and Generations
Like an elegant lighter or an exquisite piece of jewelry, Clic-Clac is an heirloom-grade companion that marks its owner as an individual of taste, means and subtlety. Housed within each Clic-Clac are interchangeable fragrance capsules from the Classiques range. Much like the maison’s line of 50 Classiques, all of these capsules have been developed from an alcohol-free base that is virtually devoid of non-natural ingredients.

The irreverently playful name of Clic-Clac belies an extraordinary object that has been forged with engineering virtuosity and artistic ingenuity. The opening mechanism is derived from Swiss watchmaking, tested to the extremes to guarantee many years of smooth, flawless operation. The carefully considered proportions and weight cannot help but evoke presence, whether viewed from a distance or up close in the palm of the hand. The case is currently available in a variety of precious and avant-garde materials such as carbon or titanium. Bejeweled alternatives are expected to be available very soon.

“The creation of this object quickly transported us and overwhelmed us, surpassing all our expectations,” says Cremona. “Addictive for us, and fascinating for others, Clic-Clac responds to the needs of an era and a generation—a powerful response to something clearly lacking today.”

The small, infinitely portable form factor means that, unlike other perfumes, Clic-Clac was designed from the beginning to be an intimate and personal accessory—a talisman always held dear and kept close. Much more than an accessory, Clic-Clac is a symbol of daydreams, nonchalance and quiet individuality. A discreet objet d’art that takes on the aura of its owner over the years, as well as the patina of time, intimate encounters and memories.

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