Petronas Gears Up For The Future Of Work

PETRONAS proactively upskills employees to emerge stronger and more agile in a rapidly changing business environment.
Engineers being trained for the future at PETRONAS Technology Center at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP).

Amid the rising tide of digitalization and deployment of robotics and artificial intelligence capabilities across industries, companies are adapting to the revolutionary changes by upskilling their workforce in an effort to minimize job losses and prepare their organizations for the future.

A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that specialist jobs will be highly prized as companies embrace digitalization to boost productivity and decrease workforce size. While jobs won’t be insulated from redundancies resulting from technological advancements, organizations do have a responsibility to train their people to adapt to the new normal.

Anticipating this, PETRONAS has been building an agile, innovative, and resilient workforce. This will enable the company to fully realize its potential as a progressive energy and solutions partner, with a vision for a sustainable future.

Knowledge is Power

PETRONAS’ commitment to its workforce stems from over two decades of dedication towards sustainability. It has been developing and investing in talent to create a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce to support growth and drive Malaysia’s energy industry forward.

With this in mind, PETRONAS has established Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and Akademi Laut Malaysia. These institutions offer specific expertise to support PETRONAS’ technology and sustainability agenda. For example, PETRONAS has activated 53 projects with UTP geared towards subsurface imaging, unconventional resources, improved oil recovery, carbon dioxide removal technology, and future sensors. All these efforts are aimed at producing excellent technology-driven and economical solutions.

Complementing this is an expanding network of academic collaborations with more than 15 Malaysian universities and 10 foreign tertiary institutions. The deep rooted synergy between the industry and the academe has pushed knowledge and innovation frontiers in the areas of sustainability, while fortifying the capabilities of all involved to thrive amid a challenging era that calls for the rapid transition of the energy industry into net zero emissions.

To support this transition, PETRONAS had established three global technology centers: the PETRONAS Technology Center at UTP, Malaysia; the PETRONAS Center for Engineering of Multiphase Systems at Imperial College London; and the PETRONAS Center of Excellence in Subsurface Engineering and Energy Transition at the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in the U.K.

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