Petronas: Gearing Up For The Future With Cleaner And Renewable Energy

As the world demands low-to-zero carbon energy consumption, sustainability in production and an overall positive impact on the environment, companies need to switch to greener sources of energy.
Adnan Zainal Abidin, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS G+NE

PETRONAS shares this vision for a greener future, guided by its Net Zero Carbon Emission 2050 goals. To drive this vision, PETRONAS established the Gas + New Energy (G+NE) business division, a one-stop center for cleaner energy solutions. G+NE will chart the course to ensure that PETRONAS continues to evolve as a cleaner and renewable energy provider, while supporting the energy transition.

“With PETRONAS’ diversified energy portfolio under G+NE, we have introduced forward thinking technologies and have tailor made our solutions to ensure our customers benefit from cleaner and sustainable energy covering natural gas, renewables and hydrogen,” says Adnan Zainal Abidin, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of G+NE.

Integrated Value Chain

Over the years, PETRONAS has developed its capabilities and an integrated value chain to provide reliable and accessible cleaner energy in order to meet the growing global energy demand.

As a leading Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supplier, PETRONAS operates one of the world’s largest LNG facilities in a single location in Bintulu, Sarawak. It also has presence across Egypt, Australia, and soon Canada, enabling the company to deliver LNG to more than 25 countries worldwide.

PETRONAS is also the world’s first owner and operator of two floating LNG (FLNG) facilities, which can produce almost three million tons of LNG per annum for its customers. PETRONAS’ leadership in FLNG technologies has redefined the LNG industry, allowing energy companies to monetize and unlock previously uneconomical and stranded gas fields, while safeguarding the environment.

The company’s public listed subsidiary, PETRONAS Gas Berhad, has been the backbone of Malaysia’s gas market, supplying customers with solutions that include gas processing, gas transportation, LNG regasification and utilities, as well as the provision of cross border pipelines.

PETRONAS also provides its customers innovative solutions such as LNG Bunkering to promote the use of cleaner fuel in the marine industry. To reach remote industries with no access to direct LNG infrastructure, PETRONAS offers solutions such as virtual pipeline systems that deliver LNG in ISO tanks onboard trucks.

In pursuit of renewable energy sources, PETRONAS continues to build its presence and capacity as a world-class solar energy provider with its fully-owned subsidiary, Amplus Energy Solutions based in India. Today, PETRONAS has over 1GW of solar capacity in operation and under development in India and Malaysia.

As for hydrogen-based solutions, PETRONAS has through the years been producing blue hydrogen—a byproduct of its LNG production process—and is now exploring the commercial production of green hydrogen. These solutions assure customers that PETRONAS is able to produce efficient clean energy output that’s reliable and sustainable.

PETRONAS’ floating LNG facility and solar farms reflect the firm’s commitment to cleaner energy.

Sustainable Business

In addition to providing cleaner and renewable energy solutions, PETRONAS is also embedding sustainability into its businesses by growing the use of solar energy to power its operations and production.

Along with this is PETRONAS’ commitment to Malaysia’s own Green House Gas emission reduction agenda and the nation’s aspirations to increase renewable energy mix by advocating greater usage of solar and hydrogen as a clean energy carrier.

“Behind our shared purpose is our incredible employees, customers and stakeholders who will continue to heed the call and work towards building a greener and sustainable future,” says Adnan.

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