MUWA NISEKO: Unwind And Ski In Wellness Wonderland

The brand-new luxury resort in Hokkaido, Japan, offers ski-in, ski-out convenience, infinity onsens and Michelin restaurants for the ultimate alpine retreat.
Infinity onsen

In December 2023, MUWA, the luxury home and hospitality brand, unveiled MUWA NISEKO, situated on the powdery slopes of Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. As one of the world’s top ski destinations, Niseko receives an annual snowfall ranging from 39 to 52 feet, providing about 120 days of ski trail operation. The fine quality of the powder is so iconic that it’s been dubbed Japow, short for Japan Powder.

Niseko, acknowledged globally as a winter haven for skiing enthusiasts attracted to its renowned powder snow, eagerly anticipates the imminent arrival of premier luxury resorts. The introduction of MUWA NISEKO is viewed as a significant milestone in the evolution of these upscale destinations, marking the onset of a new era in luxury experiences.

MUWA NISEKO, positioned as a premium wellness retreat, offers distinctive experiences rooted in its stunning natural surroundings and distinguished by its prominent location. Nestled in the Grand Hirafu area, MUWA NISEKO is a unique architectural marvel reminiscent of a mountain village right in the heart of Hokkaido, Japan. Thanks to its extraordinary location, guests not only enjoy picturesque landscapes but can also directly step into the famed “Niseko Powder” from the ski-in, ski-out room terraces.

After a day on the ski slopes, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of MUWA NISEKO’s wellness offerings, which include an infinity onsen boasting picturesque views. The presence of Mount Yotei, often regarded as Niseko’s Mount Fuji, establishes a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the integration of a tea ceremony during the onsen experience introduces an exclusive dimension to well-being rarely found elsewhere. Customized spa services complete the all-encompassing therapeutic experience in an Eastern-inspired setting, addressing both physical and mental well-being.

MUWA NISEKO offers guests the chance to indulge in prestigious Michelin dining experiences from Japan, showcasing menus enriched with seasonal ingredients. The Italian all-day dining at HITO by Tacubo, curated by the owner-chef of Tokyo’s acclaimed Michelin one-star restaurant Tacubo since 2017, presents an exclusive opportunity. Additionally, patrons can partake in the 112-year legacy of SUKIYAKI HIYAMA, a Michelin one-star restaurant, acknowledged for a decade. Both venues provide meticulously crafted menus featuring locally sourced Hokkaido ingredients, ensuring a culinary experience of the highest caliber.

Guest suite with a view

MUWA NISEKO is poised to offer tailor-made tours through its dedicated concierge service. Carefully crafted to capture the essence of Niseko’s changing seasons, these excursions present opportunities for activities, culinary delights, and family-oriented adventures surrounded by nature. Beyond the winter allure, there are compelling reasons to explore MUWA NISEKO even during the summer months.

MUWA NISEKO features seven floors and a total of 113 rooms, providing exclusive advantages to guests like seasonal booking privileges and 24/7 concierge service. The accommodations come in diverse options, including direct slope access with ski-in, ski-out rooms, selections featuring secluded outdoor hot springs for enjoying Niseko’s scenic beauty, and luxurious penthouses in Grand Hirafu showcasing unmatched vistas and upscale amenities.

Comprehensive details regarding MUWA NISEKO, as well as inquiries pertaining to reservations and ownership, may be addressed through the official website.
Phone: +81-136-23-0955


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