Leveraging Technology To Drive Sustainability

PETRONAS taps technology to develop clean energy solutions and achieve carbon reduction goals.
PETRONAS redefines the future of energy with its hydrogen-derived energy solutions.

PETRONAS has been increasingly adopting technology to drive its sustainability goals over the past two decades, underscoring the importance of the energy giant’s sustainability agenda in everything it does to safeguard people, planet and profits for generations to come.

The company continues to institute positive changes by elevating its operational excellence and optimizing costs, while investing boldly in technologically driven solutions. These investments will shape the future of energy as the industry gradually transitions into a lower carbon economy through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Hydrogen Energy Technology

While fossil fuels remain as a key source of energy around the world, PETRONAS is redefining its offerings by investing in hydrogen-derived energy as a cleaner source of fuel.

Today, hydrogen is one of the many complementary clean energy vectors that can be transformed into sustainable energy. This helps to protect the environment as hydrogen-derived energy lessens dependency on fossil fuels, lowers pollution and cuts greenhouse gases that are harmful to the earth.

Developing new solutions such as hydrogen-derived energy demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability. To drive this new journey, PETRONAS Hydrogen was established in 2020 under the group’s Gas and New Energy business division, which aims to become an end-to-end solution provider of hydrogen.

PETRONAS builds upon its experience in extracting blue hydrogen from its facilities and as a world-renowned reliable LNG supplier to expand its renewable energy portfolio and vast natural gas resources. The company has collaborated with Malaysia’s hydropower suppliers to explore commercial production of green hydrogen by leveraging on Malaysia’s rich and renewable natural resources.

PETRONAS has collaborated with both long-standing and new customers to develop a competitive hydrogen supply chain. Through these partnerships, PETRONAS is pursuing projects such as the optimization of blue and green hydrogen production and conversion of liquid hydrogen into ammonia or methylcyclohexane as a solution to store and transport hydrogen. With such projects, the company’s continued engineering innovations as well as research and development capabilities, PETRONAS believes that it can provide clean and cost-competitive hydrogen solutions to its customers.

From Biomass to Energy

PETRONAS’ innovative technology produces Bio-MEG from palm biomass.

Another sustainable initiative PETRONAS is investing in is the world’s first direct conversion technology, which converts palm biomass into renewable products. This innovative technology uses palm oil’s empty fruit brunches, a sustainable material that does not interfere with food chain supply, to create Bio-MEG.

Driven by PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG), this initiative demonstrates PETRONAS’ commitment to sustainability. The company has plans to create value by converting abundantly available biomass in Malaysia into a sustainable alternative feedstock, aimed at creating renewable chemical products for markets such as packaging, textiles, automotive and electronics. PCG will showcase these production capabilities through an integrated pilot facility in 2022.

As a progressive energy company, PETRONAS aims to reduce carbon emissions and is committed to be part of the solution to manage the impact of climate change by developing innovative solutions for generations to come. The company’s diversified energy portfolio, along with its evolving new energy business, will provide a platform for cleaner energy solutions for a more sustainable future.


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