French High Perfumery At Its Finest

Henry Jacques’ Masterpiece collection, Les Toupies, continues the brand’s commitment to producing the world’s most exquisite fragrances.
Henry Jacques Laboratory

For almost half a century, famed French high perfumery Henry Jacques has been creating bespoke fragrances for connoisseurs of premium scents globally. Founded by Henry Jacques Cremona in 1975, the brand prides itself on using pure natural essences sourced from around the world.

Over the decades, the brand’s custom-made fragrances have come to represent the pinnacle of French high perfumery. Equally important are the exquisite, hand-crafted crystal bottles that contain Henry Jacques’ creations. Each flacon is conceived, designed, and crafted individually, in perfect unison with the perfume it holds. Indeed, the complex artistry of matching the fragrance to its crystal flacon has become intrinsic to Henry Jacques’ work, adding another dimension to enjoying perfume and experiencing the true art of living.

Under the leadership of Cremona’s daughter, Anne-Lise, the brand opened its offerings to a wider audience by starting a commercial line in 2015. Two years later, Henry Jacques unveiled its first standalone boutique at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Henry Jacques Atelier

The Magic of Spinning Tops

The latest series in Henry Jacques’ Masterpieces collection is the Les Toupies, French for spinning tops. The series comprises three pairs of exquisite creations for couples, each weaving a distinct tale as part of an overarching story. The main characters in this elegant series are Mr. H and Mrs. Y in Les Toupies I, No. 16 and No. 81 in Les Toupies II, and Fanfan and Galileo in Les Toupies III.

Each Toupie contains its own distinct fragrance and the pairs are housed in hand-crafted crystal flacons reminiscent of spinning tops. Each flacon is designed to express the unique character of the perfume within. The exquisite bottles were developed over three years under the meticulous guidance of Henry Jacques’ Creative Director, Christophe Tollemer.

Les Toupies I: Mr. H and Mrs. Y

Les Toupies I: Mr. H and Mrs. Y

The first pair in the series features two signature perfumes: Mr. H and Mrs. Y. The pair represent a love story between a man and a woman, and while the bottles are almost identical, the male flacon is slightly larger. No matter how they are placed, the curves of each flacon seem to respond to the other seamlessly, reflecting their synergy.

Mr. H carries hints of cedar leaf, geranium, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and patchouli. Mrs. Y on the other hand plays on ylang ylang, rose damascena, jasmine, iris, wild lily of the valley and tonka bean.  

Les Toupies II: No. 16 and No. 81

Les Toupies II: No. 16 and No. 81

The second pair in the series comprises No. 16 and No. 81, two truly modern perfumes that have been elevated by the inclusion of lesser known ingredients. While No. 16 has hints of gardenia, ylang ylang and rose de mai, No. 81 features bergamot and citrusy grapefruit. Their flacons are confident, energetic and boldly architectural, boasting strong angles and clean lines that contrast with each other in perfect symmetry. 

Les Toupies III: Fanfan and Galileo

Les Toupies III: Fanfan and Galileo

Fanfan and Galileo are the third and final pair in the Les Toupies series. Described as a manly yet tender perfume, Galileo has notes of lavender, Italian mandarin, tobacco, myrrh and amber. Fanfan, meanwhile, is a softer fragrance for women, with hints of lavender, saffron and rose damascena. Their flacons are the most curved and rounded of all the Toupies, reflecting a certain swing and exuberance in their personalities.

Establishing a Legacy

In 1975, Henry Jacques Cremona founded a French luxury perfumery after finding inspiration during his travels. His brand, Henry Jacques, has since charted its own groundbreaking path. On this epic journey, it has emerged as a master craftsman of bespoke fragrances, while also establishing a family legacy.

For the longest time, Cremona’s Atelier was exclusively dedicated to creation, with his team working discreetly to satisfy the olfactory desires of his elite clientele. After decades of preparation, Henry Jacques opened to the public in recent years through a handful of exclusive boutiques designed to showcase the brand’s singular collections.

The genesis of Parfums Henry Jacques started with Cremona’s encounter with one of the last great noses of old French perfume tradition. From that fortuitous encounter was born a perfume house that is steeped in his family’s culture, a taste for absolute refinement and an obsession with rarity and perfection. Through the creation of these precious perfumes, Henry Jacques hopes to awaken a lost emotion and create new beautiful memories for discerning clients.

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