Expanding Beyond Connectivity

TM Global is poised to drive the next wave of technologies and applications to supercharge its growth and meet consumers’ evolving needs.
Khairul Liza Ibrahim, Executive Vice President of TM Global

The global telecommunications landscape has been in a state of transition for the last decade. Once primarily associated with facilitating domestic and international connections, they now play pivotal roles in shaping our interconnected world, offering a myriad of services that encompass more than just bandwidth for voice and data.

TM Global, the wholesale business arm of Malaysia’s telecommunications company, TM, has long recognized this trend and has broadened its horizons in the last few years to become an integrated player in digital innovation and advanced connectivity. This has led the company to develop a comprehensive range of cutting-edge wholesale communications services and solutions for a global market.

“While maintaining and growing our connectivity infrastructure remains our core focus, we are centered on creating value for our stakeholders by developing new innovations. We also embarked into a new age of wholesale business where we expand our offerings toward enabling the diversification of edge and platform play services in supporting hyperscalers
and digital players for greater customer experience,” says Khairul Liza Ibrahim, Executive Vice President of TM Global.

TM Global’s transformational journey involved the company venturing into a holistic and comprehensive assessment of its current businesses. This included conducting due diligence exercises aimed at determining where the targeted business opportunities lay.

Concurrently, the company ensured it augmented desirable skill sets, particularly in new business ventures, so that it was able to understand and address customers’ needs effectively.

The company began focusing on how market conditions were evolving in the digital space and ensured that it remained up-to-date with the latest technologies so that it could accelerate the development of new digital solutions. Realizing no one company can do it all, it also fortified its market position by expanding its partnership ecosystems while providing mutual benefits to all parties involved.

A Trusted Wholesale Provider 

TM Global’s advanced connectivity and digital infrastructure solutions include a vast fiber cable network, submarine cable systems, points-of-presence, content delivery networks, TM Internet Exchange, Edge Facility, data centers, as well as its regional of fices worldwide to support these services.

Recognizing that gaming will largely benefit from edge and 5G technology, with APAC as the world’s largest gaming hub, TM Global has delivered a broader range of edge services that can be tailored to each vertical’s needs for low-latency and high-bandwidth utilization. The ultimate goal is to further strengthen its position through innovative approaches that foster exceptional customer experience, maximize cost-effectiveness, and drive profitability for its customers. 

“While maintaining and growing our connectivity infrastructure remains
our core focus, we are centered on creating value for our stakeholders by
developing new innovations.”

Khairul Liza Ibrahim

In Malaysia, TM Global will continue to play the role of the trusted wholesale infrastructure provider by driving the digital industry and 5G ecosystems through nationwide infrastructure deployment. Internationally, TM Global remains focused on positioning itself as the preferred digital hub for ASEAN via strategic collaborations with hyperscalers and global service providers.

“We are continually on the lookout for cutting-edge platform solutions that enable various type of applications, such as multiaccess edge computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and many more that will lead to our next phase of growth. This is parallel to market needs while enhancing the customer experience for all our stakeholders,” says Khairul Liza.



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