Enchantment Behind Closed Doors At St. Martin

Richard Mille’s new flagship destination in Singapore promises an unforgettable horological, architectural and experiential adventure worthy of the brand.

Richard Mille has always understood the importance of delighting and inspiring its dedicated base of customers and fans. The watchmaker’s track record for innovation, design and engineering speaks for itself—any endeavor associated with the brand is one pursued to perfection.

When the opportunity arose to expand its retail presence in Singapore, Richard Mille seized the moment to usher in a new chapter—one that would better articulate its spirit and values while redefining known boundaries of the bespoke customer experience.

Beyond delivering expertise through horological masterpieces, the optimal customer environment would set the stage for the creation of unforgettable personal moments—a move meriting a critical revaluation and reimagination of the entire customer experience.

Turning Concept Into Reality

From the very beginning, it was decided that such an environment would feature a mosaic of materials and influences and serve as a vibrant living space that was as elegant as it was exclusive. An environment not unlike the Prohibition-era clubs where discretion and secrecy were the order of the day. As with these speakeasies, an unassuming façade would conceal a surprising venue deeper within. This is the unambiguous allure of St. Martin, Richard Mille’s new flagship venue situated on a generous 700-square-meter site within the Orchard Road district.

“This venue awakens emotions and elevates the art of hospitality so dear to Richard Mille, thanks in particular to an innovative vision,” says Amanda Mille, Brand and Partnerships Director at Richard Mille. “Bespoke design and innovation are harnessed to serve conviviality. Everyone should be able to feel entirely at ease and relaxed in the spaces. As always, a sense of family, encounters and watchmaking know-how are at the heart of what we do.”

To create such an ambience, a bespoke approach would be the rule and not the exception. The vast majority of the furniture and decorative elements were created and designed specifically for St. Martin. Behind the scenes, the brand’s in-house architecture team labored for three consecutive years to turn concept into reality. Nearly 30 specialists contributed to the layout and decoration of the different spaces. From leather to wood, metal, stone and glass, over 250 material variations would be employed before the project was deemed complete.

Elevating the Art of Hospitality

While every artisan called upon was keen to surpass their own limits to meet the requirements of this unique space, the highlight of St. Martin is undoubtedly the work of French visual artist William Amor—an olive tree that takes root at the center of the Hub, the nerve center of St. Martin. Amor’s work embodies loyalty and resilience while evoking the Mediterranean basin so dear to Richard Mille.

“The architectural organization of St. Martin creates a feeling of astonishment at not having guessed such a space could exist behind this door,” adds Alexandre Mille, Brand Director. “Discovering it makes you wonder what the next surprise will be. Our intention was to play with visitors’ expectations.”

The Hub is also home to a majestic library characterized by curved lines that hosts a broad and eclectic range of works linked to the brand’s sources of inspiration—cars, art, sport, cinema, music, architecture, history, aeronautics and science. Enveloping this space is a gorgeous circular, floor-to-ceiling wine cellar constructed of curved glass and designed to store Grand Cru wines in optimal conditions.

A watchmaker’s workbench lies just beyond where a watchmaker is always on hand to answer customer queries or provide after-sales service. From the Hub, the journey within St. Martin extends to the Crafting Space, the Restaurant, the Bar, the Sport bar, the Riad and the Hidden Library. Each space is truly distinct, commanding its own identity and evoking stories and memories of travel, history and culture.

An indisputable tour de force of design, St. Martin promises to be both destination and journey—a source of diverse experiences and emotions, and the sharing of know-how and passion in an atmosphere of conviviality and exquisite hospitality.

Richard Mille St. Martin is located at 1 St. Martin’s Drive, Singapore 257988.


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