Elegance With A Dash Of Intensity

The all-new Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition from Henry Jacques is distinctively classical, strikingly minimalist and unapologetically athletic.

Henry Jacques has been handcrafting the world’s finest perfumes for close to five decades. In an industry well-known for its adherence to tradition, the bespoke French perfumer has always stood apart by virtue of its penchant for driving innovation in the olfactory arts.

The 2021 launch of Clic-Clac, a contemporary object that houses a solid perfume capsule, perfectly captures the DNA of Henry Jacques and symbolizes the maison’s synchronicity of innovation and heritage.

Successful innovative endeavors, however, do not always come from within. Core to Henry Jacques’ efforts to drive creative growth have been its collaborations with style icons and cultural trendsetters. Only last year, the haute parfumerie maison unveiled In All Intimacy—a collection of three extraordinary perfumes made for tennis legend Rafael Nadal and his wife María Perelló.

The couple worked closely with Henry Jacques to channel their hearts, tastes and connection to the Mediterranean into the three unique fragrances that comprise In All Intimacy. In developing the collection, Nadal and Perelló drew inspiration from the scents that defined their home in Mallorca—orange blossom, citrus, bergamot, jasmine, lavender and thyme.

A Prized Collectible

Taking this successful collaboration to the next phase, Henry Jacques is pleased to announce the launch of a limited edition Clic-Clac designed exclusively for Rafael Nadal himself—the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition.

This version retains the minimalist, avant-garde lines of the Clic-Clac, along with the use of grade 5 titanium for the outer case. What sets the Rafael Nadal Edition apart is the sweeping accent line in the distinct shade evocative of a tennis ball. A subtle dash of color that could very well turn a cult favorite into a prized collectible.

With a form factor reminiscent of the archetypal lighter, Clic-Clac is intuitively recognizable as an heirloom-grade companion. One that marks its owner as an individual of means and subtlety. A swift flick of the wrist opens the case to reveal the capsule-encased balm. Owners can now select a capsule-encased fragrance from any of 50 available across the core Classiques collection. These include the couple’s range of personalized scents such as the Rafael Nadal No. 1, Rafael Nadal No. 2 and Maria Perello.

Unlike traditional perfumes, Clic-Clac was designed from the beginning to be an intimate and portable daily companion—one that could be tucked comfortably into a pocket or slipped into a handbag. More than an accessory, Clic-Clac was also conceived to serve as your personal talisman—an inseparable objet d’art that, over the course of time, would evoke joy and rekindle memories at every touch.

The launch of the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition also commemorates the completion of In All Intimacy since the perfumes are now available across the three forms true to the Henry Jacques philosophy—solid, spray (Les Brumes), and essences (Les Classiques).

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