Cyan Partners Dtac To Offer Cybersecurity Protection In Thailand

Frank von Seth, CEO of cyan, talks about ongoing partnership with dtac following successful launch of dtac’s cybersecurity product for Thailand—dtac Safe.
Frank von Seth, CEO of cyan, Markus Cserna, CTO of cyan and Dr. Wolfgang Reckendorfer, Chairman of Dr. Reckendorfer & Partners

Trusted Cybersecurity Specialist

cyan Digital Security, one of the leading cybersecurity providers in Europe, has been playing a key role in safeguarding mobile devices and their users from cyber threats for many years.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, cyan has partnered with several mobile network operators in different countries to protect millions of devices and users across the globe with its growing portfolio of modern cybersecurity solutions.

According to Frank von Seth, CEO of cyan, one of the key reasons the company is able to grow its client base consistently is the way it designs its cybersecurity solutions. “Cybersecurity solutions often tend to be large and complex, but cyan has designed its solutions in a way that allows mobile carriers to easily deploy the service and protect their customers at the mass level,” von Seth says. “We are able to win the trust of telecom companies due to the simplicity of our solutions.”

Launch of dtac Safe

This year, cyan and dtac launched dtac Safe, a value-added cybersecurity service aimed at protecting dtac’s customer base of 19.6 million. Under the partnership, cyan’s cybersecurity solution is integrated as an SDK within dtac’s existing app, which customers already have on their smartphones. Hence, no additional downloads or ongoing updates are needed. Users can activate dtac Safe with just a few taps and it starts protecting their device instantly.

“The digital landscape in Thailand is transforming at a fast pace with more users sharing personal information and making transactions online. Therefore, it’s essential to protect users and give them peace-of-mind while browsing online. This is where dtac Safe comes in—a mass cybersecurity product at a very affordable price,” says Alexandra Reich, the former CEO of dtac.

Raising Awareness, Driving Growth

According to Independent IT-Security Institute, 450,000 new malwares are found each day. Cyberattacks keep evolving on a day-to-day basis which requires cybersecurity providers to keep up with these developments and be one step ahead. “Today, we are seeing an increasing number of attacks against individuals. By just mistakenly pressing a button or a wrong link, cybercriminals potentially could have full access and control of your phone, and you may need to pay a ransom to regain control of your device,” says von Seth. With its own research centers and patent protected methods, cyan is able facilitate its Threat Intelligence to predict future threat development patterns and hence offers a future-ready protection for subscribers.

Although mobile users in Thailand are tech-savvy, and aware of the risk of cyberattacks, no one is immune to the shape-shifting nature of cyberattacks. Which is why it’s essential to have a service like dtac Safe that protects you in the background without you ever having to worry about clicking the wrong link or losing your data online. With dtac Safe, you have an invisible guard making sure you can enjoy your online journey unbothered.

To help drive the awareness of the importance of cybersecurity, dtac & cyan are working together on educating users on conscious cyber threat awareness and introduce attractive plans and packages to dtac subscribers. “We hope to make dtac Safe a cornerstone cybersecurity product that protects all users,” von Seth says.

Expansion in Sight

“Asia is a huge opportunity and an exciting market for us.” With the success story of dtac, cyan is gearing up to partner with other MNOs in the Asia Pacific region. “We are already in talks with key players in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore,” adds von Seth.

This year, Dr. Reckendorfer & Partners helped cyan establish a regional office in Thailand to provide dedicated technical and go-to-market support for their Asia Pacific partners. “With our modern cybersecurity solutions and years of expertise in Western & Asian markets, we believe we are a perfect partner for MNOs in Asia,” says von Seth.


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