Closing The Gap: Reimagining Cybersecurity In The Age Of Digital Acceleration

A high-level cybersecurity summit featuring three titans of the tech sector offers a blueprint for safeguarding digital infrastructure.

With the digital acceleration process outpacing even the boldest of estimates, cybersecurity strategies need to be radically reimagined if organizations are to have any real chance of managing the emerging technological risks. Tasked with assessing the scale of the challenge facing cybersecurity experts and professionals, three industry thought leaders turned a keynote session at the CLOUDSEC 2021 event into a high-tech summit, detailing both the priority issues that need to be addressed and the solutions that will ensure success in a future that has arrived much sooner than anyone ever anticipated.

Led by Rich Karlgaard, Forbes Media’s Futurist and Editor-at-Large, the panel saw Dhanya Thakkar, Trend Micro’s Senior Vice President for Asia, Middle East and Africa, and Nilesh Jain, Trend Micro’s Vice President for South East Asia and India, turn their attention to the defining cybersecurity issues of the day, assessing the global state of play while also drawing the focus down to the ground-floor challenges facing businesses throughout the wider Asian region.

Among the wide-ranging array of topics covered during the course of the session were:

Speed of Change

With five years of expected digital acceleration compressed into the last six months alone, how can businesses cope with what is—arguably—the biggest challenge of our time?

Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap

Given the rate of digital acceleration, how can cybersecurity professionals expand both their financial resources and their skillsets in order to ensure they counter any exploitable technological vulnerabilities?

Cloud-Led Digital Acceleration

Why it is important legacy businesses consider a shift towards a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model before they look to commit to a cloud migration that may well be incompatible with their systems, culture and objectives.

The Cybersecurity Bottleneck

With the shortfall in the number of properly skilled and experienced coders unlikely to be remedied any time soon, the need for low-code and no-code cybersecurity software has never been greater. Given the growing complexity of corporate digital infrastructure though, is the current generation of solutions up to the task?

Boosting Security by Building a Culture of Trust

With many in the industry now seeing a direct correlation between a company’s number of security breaches and its number of unhappy employees, is it now time to reassess corporate priorities? In short, does it now add more value to prioritize the well-being of employees above the interests of customers or stakeholders?

Founded in 2011, CLOUDSEC has established itself as the key global forum for cybersecurity experts and professionals. Hosted by award-winning multinational cybersecurity software company Trend Micro, the 2021 event took “Reimagine Your Cloud” as its overall theme and featured more than 100 sessions, cementing its status as the sector’s only truly global thought leadership platform duly enriched by regional uniqueness.

The free-to-view high-level cyber-security summit can be accessed at or by scanning the QR code below.

A wider range of video content from CLOUDSEC 2021 can be viewed here:

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