Precision Targeting: Richard Mille’s Elegant Timepieces And Mindful Philanthropy

RM 74-02 © Lilias Le Quellec

There is a beauty and wonder that only comes from true precision. Whether manifested in extraordinary feats of horological engineering or within the infinite complexity of the human mind, the result is never less than breathtaking. There is, then, a natural synergy between the world’s finest mechanical watches and the wonder that is the human brain. It has, however, taken Richard Mille, one of the world’s leading Swiss watch marques, to recognize this resonance and duly support these two highly complementary celebrations of perfect precision.


A part of the Paris Brain Institute, ICM is the first neurology center in France.

This commitment is embodied equally in two of the company’s luxury tourbillon timepieces—the RM 74-01 and the RM 74-02—and its continuing support for the Paris Brain Institute, a research establishment acknowledged as a world leader when it comes to decoding the mysteries of the human mind. Naturally, Richard Mille is setting new standards for innovation and sustained excellence in both spheres of activity.

Combining pioneering technical expertise and future-facing functionality, the in-house automatic tourbillion timepieces embody unparalleled elegance while remaining the ultimate expression of precision watchmaking engineering. This sees them stay true to Richard Mille’s high-end horological heritage, while also representing a bold step forward for the science of Swiss watch manufacturing.

Timeless Timepieces, Future Classics

Although sharing the same ultra-skeletonized heart, the two models boast bold, highly individual crafting, including distinctly different casing materials and strikingly contrasting aesthetics. In many ways, they are best considered fraternal twins, albeit siblings with markedly different personalities.

For its part, the RM 74-01 comes clad in grey Cermet, a metal-ceramic composite renowned for its corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof qualities. Combining the lightness of titanium with a ceramic resilience, the material—the product of many years of joint development between Richard Mille and the IMI Group, a global leader in microtechnology—has a diamond-esque invulnerability, making it the optimum choice for the case of this signature model. Harmoniously complementing the case is a grade 5 titanium caseband, while the bridges and baseplate deliver an engagingly elegant and simpatico finish.

RM 74-01 © Lilias Le Quellec

By contrast, the RM 74-02 comes enhanced with another proprietary Richard Mille material—Gold Carbon TPT®. This combination of a singular composite material (Carbon TPT®) and fine gold leaf was perfected only after many years of tireless development. With its robust and resilient properties matched only by its lightness, the contrast between the carbon matte black and the intermittent golden filigree bestows a truly bespoke haute horological air. Its singular silhouette also incorporates fine threads of 24-carat yellow gold, haloing a radiance that extends across its baseplate and red-gold caseband, while its polished pillars and crown are similarly encircled with matching material.

From L – R: Jean Todt, founding member of the Paris Brain Institute, Professor Gérard Saillant, President of Paris Brain Institute, Richard Mille

Beyond their distinct external aesthetic, the twin cores of both models are in-house automatic tourbillon calibres—the CRMT6 for the RM 74-01 and the CRMT5 for the RM 74-02. While the baseplate and bridges of the CRMT6 are both fashioned from PVD- and electro-plasma-treated grade 5 titanium, its CRMT5 counterpart favors the more traditional hues of yellow and red gold. Incorporating an impressive 50-hour power reserve, both movements are faultlessly driven by a variable-geometry rotor, ensuring each watch and its winding can be customized in line with the needs and preferences of its owner.

Characteristically slender, the contours of the RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 ably forefront their majestically positioned tourbillons, which are set at the six o’clock point. In a finely finessed finishing touch, the beveled festooned flange draws the eye to each watch’s movement, while an adept adornment of fine handcrafting further refines the already delicate features of these two timeless timepieces.

Philanthropically Minded, Cerebrally Focused

Given the deeply cerebral design work behind these two timepieces, it’s clear that Richard Mille owes a deep debt to the intricacies of the human mind. Recognizing this, the company’s strategic alliance with the Paris Brain Institute sees it committed to supporting the research body in its mission to establish a greater understanding of how the brain works, while helping fund its ongoing work to remedy many crippling neurological ailments.

Such philanthropic endeavors are nothing new to Richard Mille, which has a long history of supporting a variety of highly deserving causes, including The Rafael Nadal Foundation, YB Afraid and the Only Watch Charity Auction. The Paris Brain Institute, though, has struck a particular chord with the fine watchmaker, and has seen the brand’s eponymous founder keen to champion its future success.

Underlining the company’s long-term commitment to the center, he said, “Supporting an organization as advanced and promising as the Institute is a noble cause. By helping to facilitate its research, we are saving lives and improving the everyday existence of many people across the world.”

Paris Brain Institute

Through its financial assistance and its establishment of the Richard Mille Donors’ Club, the brand believes it can play a key role in sustaining the Institute and its 700 dedicated researchers. In this way, it seeks to bring hope to the one billion people around the world suffering from neurological conditions, many of whom lack access to proper treatment.

As with the company’s exquisite timepieces, there’s a pleasing symmetry in the mindfulness of Richard Mille’s philanthropic endeavors.


Timeless Luxury That Looks And Sounds Great

The occasional luxury item is often very comforting and enjoyable, but everyone has a different idea of what luxury means. Some people enjoy drinking vintage champagne or whisky while listening to exquisite music. Others may choose to splurge on a lavish vacation or an exceptional timepiece.

Though the luxury market has been around for centuries, the relationship between luxury and investment did not emerge until the 18th century. That’s when households began to purchase high-value goods, such as art and timepieces, according to Dr Seán Williams, a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s School of Languages and Cultures. People began to consider luxury an economic and social asset during the period of European Enlightenment (with a particular emphasis on France) from the 17th to 18th centuries.

Nowadays, luxury is associated with authenticity, substance, and sustainability, principles embraced by haute couture brands like Bang & Olufsen and Richard Mille to a significant degree. These marques have created a powerful digital presence while attracting consumers through their aesthetic, luxurious, and environment-friendly products.

Bang & Olufsen, for instance, understands how music can bring people together, not only as entertainment but also as a source of passion and happiness. Its latest wirelessly connected speakers, such as the Beoplay A9 Fourth Generation and Beolab 28, combine noble finishes of oak or walnut, and sleek materials, such as aluminum and Kvadrat fabric, representing the future of home audio.

Looking like minimalist pieces of art, these speakers are easily upgradeable, repairable, and exchangeable. A touchscreen or smartphone allows audiophiles to stream their favorite music, and seamlessly connect to other speakers, televisions and digital apps.

Luxury transcends from high-performance music to high-performance timepieces. Richard Mille’s unapologetically bold watches are hailed as the ultimate expression of excellence, thanks to complex horological innovations, exceptional engineering, and hi-tech applications. Since its launch 20 years ago, the demand for the Swiss watchmaker’s timepieces consistently outstrips production.

As investment-worthy as its other premium timepieces, the new RM 72-01 Automatic Winding Lifestyle Flyback Chronograph and RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph herald new heights in haute horology. The former displays the company’s first proprietary flyback chronograph that took 30 months to complete, while the latter is the most complex timepiece ever created in its fabled Les Breuleux, Switzerland workshops.

It is easy to acknowledge such extraordinary achievements when you know you can count on being presented with the best-ever creations of sound and time that are as amazing and inspiring as they are exciting.

French High Perfumery At Its Finest

Henry Jacques Laboratory

For almost half a century, famed French high perfumery Henry Jacques has been creating bespoke fragrances for connoisseurs of premium scents globally. Founded by Henry Jacques Cremona in 1975, the brand prides itself on using pure natural essences sourced from around the world.

Over the decades, the brand’s custom-made fragrances have come to represent the pinnacle of French high perfumery. Equally important are the exquisite, hand-crafted crystal bottles that contain Henry Jacques’ creations. Each flacon is conceived, designed, and crafted individually, in perfect unison with the perfume it holds. Indeed, the complex artistry of matching the fragrance to its crystal flacon has become intrinsic to Henry Jacques’ work, adding another dimension to enjoying perfume and experiencing the true art of living.

Under the leadership of Cremona’s daughter, Anne-Lise, the brand opened its offerings to a wider audience by starting a commercial line in 2015. Two years later, Henry Jacques unveiled its first standalone boutique at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Henry Jacques Atelier

The Magic of Spinning Tops

The latest series in Henry Jacques’ Masterpieces collection is the Les Toupies, French for spinning tops. The series comprises three pairs of exquisite creations for couples, each weaving a distinct tale as part of an overarching story. The main characters in this elegant series are Mr. H and Mrs. Y in Les Toupies I, No. 16 and No. 81 in Les Toupies II, and Fanfan and Galileo in Les Toupies III.

Each Toupie contains its own distinct fragrance and the pairs are housed in hand-crafted crystal flacons reminiscent of spinning tops. Each flacon is designed to express the unique character of the perfume within. The exquisite bottles were developed over three years under the meticulous guidance of Henry Jacques’ Creative Director, Christophe Tollemer.

Les Toupies I: Mr. H and Mrs. Y

Les Toupies I: Mr. H and Mrs. Y

The first pair in the series features two signature perfumes: Mr. H and Mrs. Y. The pair represent a love story between a man and a woman, and while the bottles are almost identical, the male flacon is slightly larger. No matter how they are placed, the curves of each flacon seem to respond to the other seamlessly, reflecting their synergy.

Mr. H carries hints of cedar leaf, geranium, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and patchouli. Mrs. Y on the other hand plays on ylang ylang, rose damascena, jasmine, iris, wild lily of the valley and tonka bean.  

Les Toupies II: No. 16 and No. 81

Les Toupies II: No. 16 and No. 81

The second pair in the series comprises No. 16 and No. 81, two truly modern perfumes that have been elevated by the inclusion of lesser known ingredients. While No. 16 has hints of gardenia, ylang ylang and rose de mai, No. 81 features bergamot and citrusy grapefruit. Their flacons are confident, energetic and boldly architectural, boasting strong angles and clean lines that contrast with each other in perfect symmetry. 

Les Toupies III: Fanfan and Galileo

Les Toupies III: Fanfan and Galileo

Fanfan and Galileo are the third and final pair in the Les Toupies series. Described as a manly yet tender perfume, Galileo has notes of lavender, Italian mandarin, tobacco, myrrh and amber. Fanfan, meanwhile, is a softer fragrance for women, with hints of lavender, saffron and rose damascena. Their flacons are the most curved and rounded of all the Toupies, reflecting a certain swing and exuberance in their personalities.

Establishing a Legacy

In 1975, Henry Jacques Cremona founded a French luxury perfumery after finding inspiration during his travels. His brand, Henry Jacques, has since charted its own groundbreaking path. On this epic journey, it has emerged as a master craftsman of bespoke fragrances, while also establishing a family legacy.

For the longest time, Cremona’s Atelier was exclusively dedicated to creation, with his team working discreetly to satisfy the olfactory desires of his elite clientele. After decades of preparation, Henry Jacques opened to the public in recent years through a handful of exclusive boutiques designed to showcase the brand’s singular collections.

The genesis of Parfums Henry Jacques started with Cremona’s encounter with one of the last great noses of old French perfume tradition. From that fortuitous encounter was born a perfume house that is steeped in his family’s culture, a taste for absolute refinement and an obsession with rarity and perfection. Through the creation of these precious perfumes, Henry Jacques hopes to awaken a lost emotion and create new beautiful memories for discerning clients.

OSIM: Covid-19 Pushes More Singaporeans to Choose Home-Based Care To Manage Stress

Rejuvenate with uDream in the comfort of your home.

Many Singaporeans sought ways to relieve their stress at home over the past year as the Covid-19 pandemic raised their stress levels and disrupted usual methods of letting off steam. According to the inaugural OSIM Wellness Survey conducted by the health and wellness group last year, many respondents experienced heightened levels of stress as a result of the healthcare crisis. Left unchecked, chronic stress can lead to long-term health problems. According to a 2016 report by Harvard Medical School, prolonged stress can lead to a host of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. This highlights the pressing need for stress to be recognized and managed proactively.

Conducted between July and August 2020, the OSIM survey sought to assess the public’s perception toward overall well-being during the pandemic, how individuals perceived their stress levels, and consequently, how they sought to manage and relieve stress. It found that 61% of the 385 respondents indicated an increase in stress levels, with 81% reporting an above-moderate increase. Most respondents were also proactive in managing stress, reflecting a growing awareness among Singaporeans about the importance of maintaining their wellness amid trying times.

“As lifestyles shift and routines continue to be disrupted by Covid-19, the survey results indicate that individuals and families increasingly prefer de-stressing and unwinding in their own homes instead of heading out,” says Lynn Tan, Deputy CEO of OSIM International.

“We believe that this new normal will encourage more people to take better care of their well-being on a daily basis.”

The survey also identified how Singaporeans sought to lower their stress levels during the pandemic. Due to public health and safety measures, more than 50% of respondents said their usual stress management activities had been disrupted. These included gym workouts, group sports and wellness treatments such as massages.

In response, Singaporeans were more receptive toward a range of sensory therapies to relieve stress at home. Among the different options, massage therapy was selected as the most effective form of sensory therapy (85%), followed by music therapy (74%) and aromatherapy (71%).

While movement restrictions have since eased in Singapore, OSIM anticipates the growing emphasis on stress management is here to stay as individuals experiment with new therapies.

OSIM Wellness Survey results

Meeting the Wellness Needs of Individuals

Against this backdrop, OSIM continues to carry out its long-standing mission of developing solutions that address the health and wellness needs of its customers. In particular, the company is committed to using innovative technology to redefine the health and wellness landscape; creating products that empower individuals to take better care of themselves.

One such innovation is uDream, the world’s first 5-senses well-being chair designed to help individuals measure, monitor and manage stress levels from the comfort of home. The uDream’s AI Stress BioSensors use electrocardiography and AI technology to measure and translate stress signals into insightful and easy-to-understand Body Tension Scores. Through the proprietary uDream app, individuals can track their stress levels conveniently and effortlessly.

With uDream, those seeking to de-stress at home can now decide when and how to address any spikes in their stress levels to help stave off both the immediate and long-term health effects of chronic stress. Through initiatives such as the OSIM Wellness Survey and products such as the pioneering uDream, OSIM hopes to empower people to take better care of their health, not just during this challenging period, but also in a post-Covid world. An individual’s health will always be key to living better, regardless of the circumstances.

uDream 5-senses well-being experience

Hilton: A Luxurious Escape From Reality

Terra at Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Have you been imagining what your next travel destination will be? When you are ready to explore again, Hilton is ready to help you create exciting new memories at their luxury resorts located in some of the world’s dreamiest destinations.

Whether it is in the Maldives or Bora Bora, these all-villa resorts will not only live up to your dreams of a perfect getaway, but also offer an enhanced level of cleanliness to give you peace of mind during your stay.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Located in one of the world’s most desirable island locales, the award-winning Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi offers memorable experiences in a highly exclusive setting.

Guests can choose from one of the resort’s 119 overwater, beach or reef villas. For an even more extraordinary experience, a stay on your very own private island awaits. The Ithaafushi Private Island Estate can accommodate up to 24 persons in two villas, and features five swimming pools, a dedicated team of chefs, a spa, a yacht mooring and its own entertainment clubhouse.

There is an extensive range of activities at the resort to keep you entertained throughout your holiday; whether it is snorkelling in the island’s pristine waters, indulging at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Spa, or enjoying a private curated dinner on the sandbank while watching the sun set.

To satisfy discerning tastes, you can choose from no fewer than 10 destination dining venues—the largest variety of dining options available in the Maldives. Notable among them is The Ledge by celebrity chef Dave Pynt—the award-winning chef behind Michelin-starred Singapore restaurant Burnt Ends—which features an elevated barbecue set against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Diners can also soak in spectacular views among the treetops at Terra or enjoy the magnificent sunset at Amber, the resort’s signature bar.

For more details:

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Royal Villa at Conrad Bora Bora Nui

For those who desire a luxurious getaway, Conrad Bora Bora Nui is an ideal choice. Guests can leave their worries behind while strolling along the longest private stretch of soft, white sand beaches on the island of Motu Toopua, with the soaring Mount Otemanu presenting a breathtaking backdrop.

A range of accommodation options are available to suit every guest’s specific needs, from the spacious Lagoon View Suites designed for families to the spectacular overwater villas and Presidential Villas. The resort’s six restaurants and bars cater to all tastes and appetites. Enjoy innovative French cuisine amid stunning views of the lagoon at the resort’s signature Iriatai French Restaurant or indulge in modern Chinese fare at Banyan Chinese Restaurant.

Whether you want to fill your days with vibrant activity or simply relax at your own leisure, there are many ways to spoil yourself at Conrad Bora Bora Nui. The more adventurous can explore the island surrounded by incredible views while biking, swimming among sharks or hiking. Those who wish to take it easy can unwind at the stunning infinity pool or pamper themselves at the hilltop Hina Spa.

Top off your stay with a truly memorable experience by spending a day at the resort’s private islet, Motu Tapu, and enjoy a picnic prepared by chefs in one of the world’s most exclusive settings.

For more details:

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Sunset Water Villas

Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts will marvel at the sight of the sparkling waters off the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, where an exceptional underwater experience awaits.

Nestled in atolls surrounded by azure blue waters and powdery white sand, the resort inspires travelers by offering them a memorable respite from the bustle of modern life. It features more than 150 purposefully designed villas and suites, a choice of 12 award-winning restaurants and bars, two spas and a selection of cultural activities. One notable highlight is Ithaa, the world’s first undersea restaurant that allows you to dine five meters below the surface of the ocean with panoramic views of coral gardens and tropical fish.

Guests also get to revel in the privacy of Rangali Island while enjoying access to the facilities of the larger and livelier Rangali Finolhu Island, which is linked by a 500 meters bridge. Indulge yourself at The Spa Retreat, an overwater destination spa set 100 meters off of the tip of the main island.

For a truly unique experience at Conrad Maldives, the resort offers the world’s first undersea residence that will allow you to social distance in the most exclusive setting possible. The MURAKA is a first-of-its-kind, two-level residence with a master bedroom submerged 5 meters below sea level. MURAKA, which means coral in Maldivian, is an awe-inspiring reflection of how the resort exists in harmony with the natural landscape of the Indian Ocean.

For more details:

Hilton CleanStay

To ensure the safety and comfort of guests during this unprecedented time, Hilton has implemented Hilton CleanStay, an industry-leading program that delivers an even cleaner stay from check in to check out at their properties worldwide.

“For over 100 years, Hilton has been at the center of hospitality and was one of the first in the industry to foresee the global growth of luxury travel, setting the benchmark for discerning travelers all over the world. The brands in our luxury group, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts; Conrad Hotels & Resorts and LXR Hotels & Resorts, have all helped define the hospitality experience for the modern-day traveler,” says Nils-Arne Schroeder, Vice President, Luxury and Lifestyle, Asia Pacific.

“Today, we remain committed to being at the forefront of invigorating the essence of luxury travel to create the most unforgettable and inspiring experiences for our guests all around the world,” he adds. “Being in two of the most sought-after destinations in the world, our all-villa Waldorf Astoria and Conrad resorts in Bora Bora and the Maldives offer the highest levels of exclusivity and privacy. From arrival to departure, our guests are assured of a safe and uninhibited environment during this unique time where they can stay with peace of mind whilst enjoying unparalleled, bespoke service delivered by our dedicated team members at every turn.”

If you have been yearning to travel again, the time has come for you to plan your next travel memory with Hilton.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is the award-winning guest loyalty program for Hilton’s 18 world-class brands. Through the current challenging times, the program continues to provide flexibility and value to members and guests—from offering flexible booking and cancellation policies, digital enhancement through the Hilton Honors App for a seamless booking and stay journey, to loyalty status extensions with no points expiry, to making it easier for members to qualify for higher tier status with reduced requirements, and much more.

*To stay up to date on the latest policies and programs, visit

Hilton Honors offers its 108 million members worldwide hundreds of ways to earn and redeem points, including Hilton Honors Experiences, which gives greater opportunity for members to use their points outside of redemption stays. Members can redeem a wide range of exciting Hilton Honors Experiences, such as private beach dining at Waldorf Astoria Maldives, cocktail hour at Ithaa at Conrad Maldives or a relaxing 60-minute spa massage at either resort.

The Return Of Luxury

While the luxury sector was one of the first to be hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, it may also be the first to emerge on the other side. Already, there are encouraging signs of green shoots across the industry.

For instance, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton’s fashion and leather goods division in October reported a strong turnaround in third-quarter revenue, up 12% year on year, following a drop in sales in the first half of 2020. As safe-distancing curbs ease, wealthy shoppers are emerging from their homes to release their pent-up demand for luxury pur­chases. This is especially so in China, where consumers are estimated to account for 45% of global luxury sales this year, according to U.S. financial services firm Jefferies.

Travelers are also anticipating the eas­ing of international travel restrictions and the return of luxury leisure travel. In this uncertain environment, however, discerning luxury travelers are likely to be even more selective in their destinations and choose locales and hotels that offer unparalleled experiences.

One such premium offering is the award-winning Pan Pacific London, which is set to become a striking architectural landmark in the heart of the British capital. To be unveiled in Spring 2021, the luxurious 43-story tower will be the first European property of the Singapore-based Pan Pacific Hotels Group, which has been recognized as the “Best Regional Hotel Chain” in Asia-Pacific, accord­ing to the Travel Weekly Asia Readers’ Choice Awards and the TTG Travel Awards.

Located in London’s premium Square Mile, Pan Pacific London will offer a unique blend of Asian hospitality and contemporary British elegance for both leisure and business travelers. The property has already made its mark in the hospitality world, with the hotel garnering various accolades for its architec­ture, design and mixed-use development.

For those seeking more exotic destina­tions far from the bustle of urban metropo­lises, The Residence by Cenizaro’s six luxury resorts are located in some of the world’s most desirable beachfront locations, includ­ing the Maldives, Zanzibar, Bintan and Mau­ritius. Each of the six unique properties in the collection offers breathtaking landscapes and memorable cultural experiences.

Meanwhile, those who can’t get away just yet are recreating premium experiences in their own home using the latest cutting-edge technology, such as Bang & Olufsen’s state-of-the-art home cinema solution. Its incredible audio quality will transport you to far-flung destinations around the world without leaving your living room.

It has been a challenging year on many fronts, but we can take comfort in the knowl­edge that when we emerge from this crisis, there will be plenty of luxe offerings waiting for you on the other side.

Nu Skin: A Global Leader In Personal Care And Wellness Innovation

Nu Skin Singapore Experience Center

Personal care and dietary supplement company Nu Skin exemplifies innovation is the best driver of industry. For more than 35 years, the company has developed premium nutrition and personal care products that have a strong foundation in science and technology that help one to look and feel younger. In Singapore, the company reached a key milestone in 2020 when it celebrated its 20th year of achievements in the city-state. Through these two decades, Nu Skin has grown to become a leading health, beauty and wellness brand in Singapore.

A New York Stock Exchange-listed company, Nu Skin develops and distributes a comprehensive line of high-quality beauty and wellness solutions. Leveraging a world-renowned scientific advisory board and a team of more than 75 in-house scientists and researchers, the firm is committed to developing and delivering leading-edge proprietary products. These include the Nu Skin personal care brand, the Pharmanex dietary supplement brand, and the ageLOC brand, which focus on products that help one look and feel younger.

“Technological innovation is part of our DNA and continues to be a primary driver of our product development and business growth,” says Nu Skin President Ryan Napierski.

In 2019, Pharmanex was the No. 1 weight management and wellbeing brand in Singapore* for a second consecutive year, according to Euromonitor International. This was an important milestone for both Pharmanex and ageLOC TR90, Nu Skin’s 90-day weight management program, and a result of the company’s continued investment in innovation in the wellness category.

“Our winning formula is having a passionate group of Brand Representatives and a dedicated corporate team that stay aligned and focused on a common goal of empowering people to improve lives. In 20 years, we have not only grown the business considerably to become one of the leading direct selling companies in Singapore, but have also contributed to help make a difference to the less privileged. This Force For Good culture has attracted many people from various professions and backgrounds, with different qualities, to join us with a common goal to uplift others and discover their best selves through Nu Skin’s innovative products and opportunities.”

– Neo Chiou Yee

General Manager, Nu Skin Singapore

Chairman, Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS)

A Leading Business Opportunity Platform

Beyond its portfolio of premium-quality products, the company also innovates through its direct sales programs. The company sells its products through a global network of brand affiliates in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Pacific. As a long-standing member of several direct selling associations globally, the company is committed to the industry’s consumer guidelines that protect and support those who sell and purchase its products through the direct selling channel.

Through both program and product innovation, the company is working to realize its vision of becoming the “World’s Leading Business Opportunity Platform.” One key aspect of this strategy is the Velocity Sales Performance Plan, which aims to provide a highly competitive and rewarding compensation plan for participants taking the next step to become entrepreneurs, who are known as Nu Skin Brand Representatives.

With Velocity, individuals can earn rewards and cash daily for sharing the products they love with others, while those who want to take their business to the next level can build a group of customers or lead teams of representatives to earn additional bonuses.

Velocity has helped to enhance the sales performance of Nu Skin sales leaders in Singapore since its launch in 2018, propelling the profile of the brand further as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in the country.

“To achieve continuous growth in a rapidly evolving world, an industry must stay relevant to its customers and be able to attract the future generation. In my past two decades partnering with Nu Skin, I witnessed how our R&D team continuously focused on innovation to develop products and solutions that have revolutionized the beauty and wellness industries. With an entrepreneur-focused business opportunity platform and a commitment to innovation, I am confident of Nu Skin’s potential to lead the growth in this industry.”

– Rayne Ho

Nu Skin Entrepreneur; Former Financial Consultant

“I never knew starting a Nu Skin career could be such a fun journey that encourages learning and growth. I learned to take ownership of my dreams, career progression and personal growth; to be a Force for Good and empower others to transform their own lives. I am thankful for my mentors who taught me how to lead a team, and in the process, I learned how to be the best version of myself.”

– Jordan Wang

Nu Skin Entrepreneur

“I am a firm believer that the gig economy is the way for more professionals to achieve flexibility in their lives and a better work-life balance. Nu Skin’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its products, as proven in its recent platform and program enhancements. Its globally seamless sales performance program has made building a business across markets and regions possible, without additional complexity or barriers, allowing me to grow my team and business beyond Southeast Asia.”

– Zan Zhou

Nu Skin Entrepreneur; Former Corporate Headhunter

Embracing Technology

To stay relevant in a fast-changing global landscape, the company is leveraging technology and a digital-first strategy to tap the growing influence of millennials and the gig economy. The younger demographic (ages 18 to 30) has been a key driver of Nu Skin Singapore’s growth in recent years. In 2019, customers in this category grew by 18% year-on-year, while the number of sales leaders rose 81%.

Among other technology-related initiatives, the company provides its sales leaders and customers with innovative digital tools to enhance their experiences. For instance, the My Nu Skin app allows sales leaders to track customer purchases and monitor team performance, and triggers their bonus payment.

Meanwhile, an upcoming skin-consultation app with machine-learning capability will offer customized product recommendations for different lifestyle and skin types.

This digital-first approach capitalizes on macro-trends such as the rise of the gig economy and the growth of social sharing that has made it easier to share products with friends and family.

Social media is opening a global market that is vastly different from any physical market, requiring the organization to be faster and more agile than ever before.

Leadership-Driven Growth

The company’s business model is designed to empower people to transform and improve their lives through “Products, Opportunity and being a Force For Good.”

Nu Skin sales leaders come from diverse backgrounds, including successful business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives and even fresh graduates. The company currently has more than 1 million independent Brand Affiliates in nearly 50 markets around the world and is looking to significantly boost growth in Southeast Asia.

Over the years, the company’s pioneer leader entrepreneurs have also built a solid foundation on which the next generation of sales leaders can build at a much-accelerated pace.

In Singapore, the company’s sales leaders have been key to building a strong legacy and fostering a culture of success over the past 20 years.

A Force for Good

The company’s innovative sales platform also creates opportunities for its Brand Affiliates to give back and fund its philanthropic Force For Good initiatives.

In Southeast Asia, the company encourages its leaders to contribute 1% of their commissions to the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund (SEACHF), which provides medical assistance to underprivileged children born with congenital heart disease.

Nu Skin Singapore currently has more than 1,500 SEACHF donors. These funds have helped support children through the company’s partnership in Singapore with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Through its various initiatives around the world, the company is committed to being a force for good by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products and an enriching, uplifting culture.

“When I first understood the scalability and time flexibility that the business could offer years back, it motivated my wife and I to start the business almost immediately. As an entrepreneur and Board Member of the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, I feel encouraged that Nu Skin is not just about transforming people’s lives through products and business opportunities, but it also provides individuals the opportunity through its platform to give children suffering from heart disease a new lease on life.”

– Oliver Lim

Nu Skin Entrepreneur; Former Management Consultant

“If through teaching I helped my students discover their potential, it is through entrepreneurship that I discovered my own potential. With no network or connections and being an introvert, I discovered my potential through learning to make new friends, managing rejection and mastering my ego. With time, I developed a growth mindset and learned to lead with love. I sought knowledge and see every challenge I face as an opportunity instead.”

– Roziani Rashid

Nu Skin Entrepreneur; Former Educator

“Entrepreneurship is an exciting, ever-evolving and adaptive journey. As I grew my business, I sought opportunities with calculated risk, greater scalability and the potential to provide me with a balanced lifestyle. The direct selling industry, being highly versatile and designed for efficiency, allows me to tap seamlessly into current trends through today’s connected social space, with the potential to build a global business network. I see resilience in the industry and continued growth with this partnership.”

– Dr. Lam Ying Keat

Nu Skin Entrepreneur; Former Business Owner

Evolving & Staying Relevant To Be A Force For Good

People around the world are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their lives. The chance to live healthy, to look younger and to do better for themselves and their families.

The Nu Skin business helps people earn leveraged income, it offers time flexibility and provides premium beauty and wellness products that are effective and backed by science.*

With more than 35 years of operations in nearly 50 markets around the world, Nu Skin has been ranked the World’s #1 At-Home Beauty Device System Brand for 2017 and 2018 by Euromonitor International.**

In a rapidly changing world, we evolve, adapt and emerge stronger. One thing we have always kept in mind is our corporate mission to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives. We help transform lives via our business platforms and product innovations.

Find Out How These Nu Skin Sales Leaders Face Challenges And Discover Opportunities To Be Their Best Selves During The Challenging Economic And Health Circumstances

“Have the right mindset and surround yourself with positivity.”

–Pichet & Pattarawan Sukkanivast

During crises, people fear the unknown. We think the key to overcoming this fear is to change the mindset and move away from negative thoughts. When we understand the online behavior of customers, we can select the right channel to share this Nu Skin opportunity. We found that our beauty device products are perfect for people who work from home. They can pamper their skin at home and even grab this opportunity to share with others!

“Master new skills to embrace changes.”

–Daniel Jr & Ella Laogan

The fear of failing and letting our team down made us really prepare and brace ourselves for changes. While some became paralyzed with fear of the unknown, we pushed ourselves to work even harder. We tapped the support available through Nu Skin to improve our use of digital tools. Besides mastering online skills, it is more important to master our fear and emotions to deal with change. We did our best to manage what we can control and left the rest to God.

“Success is about staying relevant, being professional and having the ability to help others.”

–Derrick Tia & Frann Ng

Each challenge is an opportunity to learn new skills. These past few months, many in my team have become more IT-savvy. The learned to present, organize, and manage online meetings. We had to learn new skills and upgrade. This business has given me the opportunity to meet people and learn about their lives, their trials and motivations. Helping to make a difference and improving their lives is really an inspiring process. This is my contribution to be a force for good.

“Embracing change with a team is easier than facing it alone.”

–Hendra Ramli

When you are so used to doing things a certain way, it can be difficult to see that there are other available options to deal with change. I tell myself and my team not to rest on past glories and those proven methods done in the past but restart anew like it is their first time in the business, with drive and hunger to succeed. We sell innovative health and beauty products and an opportunity that transforms lives—something that everybody needs now. Embrace this change!

“Make time for all the important things in life.”

–Jack Kerk

All of us have the same 24 hours a day. By leveraging technology, we can maximize these 24 hours and save time spent on traveling or being stuck in traffic. I now conduct online trainings almost daily and even though I find myself working more, I still have time to be a father and a son. With time flexibility, I prioritize what is important for me and my work. Now with a few clicks, I can meet with my partners all around the world! Nu Skin can be your truly seamless global business, from your home.

“Move away from your comfort zone and digitize your business fast.”

–Tram Ngo

Previously we conducted our Nu Skin business face to face. In the new norm, we have shifted all our prospecting and training online. This worked out well as we were able to organize a systematic online schedule that allowed more people to join and learn about the business. I think there is always a solution for any situation. We just need to have the belief and the want to do it.

*Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program, there are no guarantee of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Compensation Plan can be found at:

**Source: Euromonitor International Ltd; Retail Value RSP terms; all channels, 2017 and 2018. Includes at-home Skin Care Devices exclusively paired with topical consumable of same brand. Based on Euromonitor custom research methodology, Jan/Feb 2019. Includes electric facial cleansers as defined in Passport database; does not include hair care/removal, body shavers, or oral care appliances.


HENRY JACQUES The Art Of Fragrances

Inside the Singapore boutique
Henry Jacques boutique in Singapore

Since its founding in 1975 by Henry Jacques Cremona, French haute perfume Henry Jacques has forged a reputation for creating bespoke scents for elite members of society—from members of royalty to captains of industry. The soul of Cremona’s creations lies in a laboratory in the town of Grasse on the French Riviera, where more than 3,000 formulas are housed. These are comprised of natural ingredients painstakingly sought from around the world by the brand’s perfumers. From the essences to the bottles, every aspect of a Henry Jacques creation is created in-house to ensure that the quality of the brand’s offerings are maintained at an exceptional level.

The perfume house has only recently expanded its exclusive distribution with the opening of a highly select number of retail shops. Its first-ever retail presence debuted as a store-in-store at Harrods in London in 2014. This was followed by two stand-alone boutiques in Asia; the first at the Singapore luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands, and another located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping center. These boutiques offer a diverse range of products—from the brand’s Couture collection, Masterpieces collection, High Jewelry collections and Les Classiques collection. As tribute to their heritage, the Henry Jacques boutiques offer the brand’s bespoke perfume service.

To create the exceptional scents contained in each bottle, Henry Jacques perfumers take inspiration from a variety of sources, resulting in a dazzling concoction of notes and blends, colors and textures, to delight even the most discerning nose.

The private viewing room

A Palette of Essences

Henry Jacques perfumes are created only with the highest quality natural essences sourced from around the world, which are as varied as the flowers from which they are extracted. This wondrous palette of essences includes velvety rose, intoxicating tuberose, sunny lavender, sumptuous jasmine, soft, sensual, heady musk, and the subtle heat of marine ambergris. Like highly skilled alchemists turning metal into gold, Henry Jacques perfumers then work rigorously in their laboratories to bring out the quintessence of each of these premium ingredients.

To ensure that their presentation accurately reflects the quality of the product within, the finished perfumes are bottled in intricately designed crystal flacons or customized jewel-toned flasks made by the world’s leading crystal-glass makers and jewelers.

Mr Henry Jacques Cr emona in the laboratory

Les Classiques Collection

In 2014, Henry Jacques’s daughter, Anne-Lise Cremona, introduced the world to the Les Classiques collection, which is made up of 50 scents that come in 15ml or 30ml flacons. Les Classiques was born from a challenge: to create an exquisite selection of perfumes to represent the perfumer’s extensive and diverse body of olfactory work in a single collection. The 50 unique fragrances act as a gateway for newcomers to the Henry Jacques universe. Each perfume is designed to enhance the personality of the person who uses it. In essence, the perfumer becomes a matchmaker between customers and the ideal life they seek.

Fittingly for such an exclusive collection, each fragrance is housed in a minimalist crystal bottle specially designed by the brand’s Artistic Director, Christophe Tollemer. Each Classique is presented in a varnished wood case embellished with gold leaf, opening to reveal a bottle resting on a silk cushion.

Henry Jacques is also working to revive the pleasure and satisfaction of assembling one’s own personal perfume collection; an art that is akin to building an elegant wardrobe. To this end, the brand has come up with Caves à Parfums, a cabinet to hold crystal bottles from the Classiques de HJ line. Selecting perfumes from Henry Jacques wide range of fragrances has added meaning as you piece together your own mosaic of scents in this exquisite cabinet available in two sizes: 10 x 15ml and 15 x 15ml.

Les Classiques Collection

Les Toupies I
Les Toupies II

A Haven for the Senses

Henry Jacques has always been discreet about how it distributes its exclusive products, only setting up a retail presence as recently as 2014. The decision to do so was accompanied by months of consideration and reflection over how these boutiques could best reflect Henry Jacques’ brand values.

Tollemer led the creative process, designing each space as a haven to escape daily life; a place where customers can realize the most idealized versions of themselves through the brand’s offerings. Each of the boutiques feature cabinets of curiosities, elegant design, comfortable furnishings and discrete service to reflect the Henry Jacques legacy. While the perfume organ takes center stage, the collections themselves are hidden from sight, waiting to be discovered.

The Henry Jacques Singapore shop was its first stand-alone boutique. The space was inspired by the old-world charm and grandeur of historic Parisian apartments, but given a twist of modernity to suit today’s consumer tastes. “The entire boutique was conceived and assembled in France, and reassembled in Singapore by our team. This long process was the only way to guarantee uncompromised French craftsmanship. Like our perfume, each component is of rare quality,” says Tollemer.

Les Toupies: A Fairytale Fragrance

One standout piece from Henry Jacques Masterpieces collection is Les Toupies. This collection was creatively envisioned as part of a tale, with each perfume representing a character in a love story.

Les Toupies, which means Spinning Tops, are made up of couples: two unique and exclusive fragrances—one for men and one for women. These creations are designed to be timeless while showcasing a distinctive style all of their own.

The first two from the collection were “Mr. H and Mrs. Y,” followed by the next couple, “No. 16 de HJ and No. 81 de HJ.” Each fragrance is inspired by French romance and elegance. The perfumes are housed in extraordinary crystal flacons that took more than three years to develop and represent a technical and artistic breakthrough for Henry Jacques perfumes.

They are specially designed for those who are passionate about art and historic French craftsmanship, with every detail meticulously crafted by Tollemer. He created a bottle that is both multifaceted and symmetrical, but with no central point. Despite their intricate design, these crystal marvels sturdily hold the precious nectars within.

The men’s flacon is slightly larger than that for the women, but the curves of each appear to respond to each other in a reflection of their synergy. says Henry Jacques: “We imagined the Toupies collection as a great fresco, filled with myriads of stories and characters, like [Honoré de] Balzac’s ‘The Human Comedy.’ One Toupie after the other, one fragrance after the other, we wish to express the immensity and fragility of life and its many romances.”


Upgrading The Travel Experience

As travelers become savvier and more demanding, hospitality players are leveraging technology and design to upsize the guest experience for their customers. Comfortable, well-designed rooms and premium services are just the starting points in an increasingly competitive landscape. To truly stand out in a crowded market, hotel and serviced residence operators must offer a seamless and enriching experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Progressive regional and international players are doing just that. For instance, Singapore-based hospitality group The Ascott Limited has rolled out a group-wide digital transformation strategy to support its growing global portfolio that encompasses eight world-class brands. One key initiative in this effort was the launch of the Ascott Star Rewards (ASR) earlier this year. ASR is the serviced residence industry’s first loyalty program that offers members the full flexibility to earn and redeem points.

In Manila, pioneering integrated-resort Solaire continues to reinforce its position as a leading leisure destination in booming Entertainment City. To complement its old-world opulence, the property is pushing the boundaries of innovation. For instance, Solaire’s high-tech “Players Stadium” features the world’s largest suspended center display, spanning 360 square meters and offering the equivalent of 310 65-inch screens merged into one.

The younger generation of travelers is demanding that the brands they patronize prioritize sustainability. One hotel group that is leading the way on this front is Singapore’s Pan Pacific Hotels Group. The group was recognized as the “World’s Leading Green City Hotel” for PARKROYAL on Pickering, its flagship property in Singapore. Pan Pacific is continuing its sustainability efforts with plans to launch another eco-friendly property, Pan Pacific Orchard, in 2021. The new hotel aims to offer guests a resort-style experience in the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping and lifestyle district.

Amid the focus on technology and sustainability, however, simple pleasures such as an exceptional fine-dining experience continue to be important to discerning travelers. One hotel that has taken this to heart is Lotte Hotel Seoul. Korea’s premier luxury business hotel is known as one of the country’s best “gourmet” hospitality establishments. In particular, the hotel’s two leading restaurants—the Korean restaurant Mugunghwa and French eatery Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul—have helped make Lotte Hotel Seoul a must-visit for foodies.

In the battle for travelers’ hearts and minds, these hospitality groups have hit on the right formula to ensure that their guests keep coming back to their world-class brands, wherever they may be.