A Voyage Into History With The Richard Mille Cup

The regatta highlights Richard Mille's passion for craftsmanship in yachting history.

Back once again with an exquisite fleet of iconic, pre-war yachts, the Richard Mille Cup ran from June 2 to 15, 2024 with a series of coastal and offshore races held along the English Channel. More than a regatta, this extraordinary event was a tribute to naval history and a celebration of tradition—the artistry and heritage of pre-war yacht racing.

These historic vessels, fully restored to their original splendor, allowed participants to enter a floating time capsule and peer into the pinnacle of naval craftsmanship of a bygone era. The Richard Mille Cup was, quite simply, a voyage through time. The yachts in the regatta were built from the end of the 19th century right up to the late 1930s and competed on the pre-war era racing circuits for which they were purpose-built.

This year’s event saw a total of 12 historic sailing vessels competing, including iconic boats such as Mariquita (1911), Moonbeam III (1903) and Moonbeam IV (1920). Also in the competition was Thalia (1889). At 135 years old, Thalia was not merely the oldest vessel in the Richard Mille Cup; she was also one of the oldest active yachts in British waters.

The racing began in Falmouth at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, moved to Dartmouth at the Royal Dart Yacht Club, then to Cowes at the Royal Yacht Squadron, and concluded in Le Havre at the Société des Régates du Havre.

Relive the Golden Age of Yachting
During the Richard Mille Cup, spectators feasted their eyes on some of the most gorgeous sailing yachts ever built—all maintained and crewed in the classic tradition. Sailing crews battled for top honors exactly like they did over a century ago. In doing so, they paid homage to the sailing and engineering traditions of the past while undoubtedly inspiring a new generation of fans and enthusiasts.

“This is the ideal environment to admire the magnificence and beauty of these classic yachts from the pre-war era, and the involvement of the yacht clubs allows owners and admirers alike to come together in the true spirit of the event,” says Richard Mille.

The sight of 12 classic yachts at full sail was a glorious thing to behold but the Richard Mille Cup was still a race. Participating sailors had their eyes firmly set on the prize—the meter-high Richard Mille Cup. This stunningly intricate sterling silver trophy was designed by Garrard, jewelers to the British royal family for the last 300 years. Garrard has a rich heritage in producing iconic sporting trophies, having been responsible for the design of horseracing’s Ascot Gold Cup, golf’s British Masters Trophy and of course, the America’s Cup, the latter designed more than 170 years ago.

The Enduring Legacy of Sailing and Horology
Building on the success of the inaugural Richard Mille Cup in 2023, this year’s edition continued to be the highpoint for sailing enthusiasts and aficionados of historic yachts. In celebrating the enduring legacy of this magnificent craft, the event highlighted the timeless connection between engineering and sailing.

Steadfast in its focus on driving cutting-edge technology, materials and design, Richard Mille recognizes and values the pivotal innovations and achievements of designers and engineers of years gone by. This is evident in the company’s longstanding links to motoring heritage events such as the iconic Le Mans Classic for vintage automobiles, which Richard Mille has supported for over two decades.

It should therefore come as no surprise to discover the strong links existing between classic racing yachts and Richard Mille’s philosophy of watchmaking. Every single detail on the yacht, much like every component in a Richard Mille timepiece, is built for purpose, constructed of the finest materials, and completely devoid of the superfluous.

In commemoration of this bond, the Richard Mille Cup was created to celebrate the beauty, exceptional design and impeccable craftsmanship of these impressive sailing vessels. Already an eagerly anticipated fixture on the global yachting calendar, the Richard Mille Cup has become an established platform for sailing enthusiasts with a passion for these beautiful boats, and a longing to see these yachts and sailors in their element.

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